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I didn’t really understand it at the time, but there was something alluring about the female body.

I have always wanted to have sex with a girl her her timing down my chest licking my nipples touching me in a way that man would never understand I want to try it for the first time I live LA I will send you a picture by txt hit me up you must be a lipstick lesbian or girly girl with another female.

I'm scared, but know I still have so much love to give and that Someone must be waiting just like I am, for someone they can love... I know there is somebody out there for a gal like me. Are you a figment of my imagination Or a promise held at bay? I will have my lady, a strong woman with a whole lot of love. relationship, i want the cuddles, the chats, the sex, the everything a normal relationship has.

countries ,no religious, I am homosexual and looking for a same age group female to be together ,but I found this really hard to find a right person in Uk any one think can give me advise I do appreciate who ever can advise me please and yes I said woman. Did we know each other in a prior life Or will we find one another here? All I want is to experience a loving and romantic relationship with another beautiful girl whom I can cherish and appreciate. Right now tho, i just really want to know a girl to see where my EMOTIONS lead to, nothing more just yet.

where we can talk about anything, love one another and have amazingggg wet sex!!! Will you know me if you see me Or will you never draw near? I'm also really excited to explore another girl sexually. ive had a fair few lesbian experiences and when I imagine my big happy... Hello ladies, I'm a mature female who works as a librarian during the day time, and reads history at the evenings.

I have so many fantasies about how my first time with a girl will be. she works in the building and we seem to meet at smoko breaks. We flirt with each other and then I added her on FB, then she gave me her number just in case I wanted to chat..... I mean there that I'm an amateur historian who's still a student of history with the Open University.

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