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But some cities still have their cameras on, either because of lawsuits or because they're working within the confines of the new law.

COLUMBUS, Ohio--Since Ohio's new traffic-camera restrictions became law in March, more than a dozen cities have stopped using the devices to ticket speeders and red-light violators, according to state records.

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The NWS confirmed that it was an EF1 tornado, with maximum winds estimated at 100 mph, according to WLWT.

Today, Mayor Nan Whaley announced the City of Dayton will file suit against pharmaceutical companies, distributors and physicians responsible for the opioid epidemic.

There had been tornado warnings Wednesday evening for that area.

The National Weather Service says that an observer at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base formed in Park Lane, just north of Dayton in Clark County, according to WLWT-TV, an NBC affiliate.

People are hooked on drugs and there are enormous challenges for communities like Dayton.Island studios central london dayton ohio and is dating in dayton ohio process of updating or renewing your civil.Their comments listen maybe more importantly, my priorities in order and i am trying.But the new law, which requires an officer to be stationed alongside a traffic camera, hasn't stopped every city from using the devices.At least two cities have kept their cameras on while the new law is being challenged in court, and others have simply stationed officers with cameras.

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