Dating a chess set dating scam list

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There are some common traps to fall in which seem to keep appearing for ever. Now this time I will show you an exquisite and old treasure! I do not want to say that these sets are crap if new.

I hope that the following suggestions might be useful for people who have not bought collectables from e Bay before. I am an antique collector, I hope to share the old Chinese and oriental cultures with the people in all over the world. This is a Rare bone carven Chess set and Vintage rosewood box. They are sold for 5 in natural resin colour and more than 0 if hand painted.

An important question for the collector/researcher is: how can antique chess sets be accurately dated?

There are several methods that can be used to “triangulate” valid date ranges for different types of sets.

While answers are often extremely hard to come by, I thought it would be a service to write a quick explanation on why it is so difficult as well as give some suggestions for finding out more.

Sometimes just a search to find out a little more about a chess piece set that has been passed down in the family.

Please note that the last link points to trustworthy merchants who do not lie to their customers and do not try to sell their goods as fake antique.

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They have been made from all manner of materials; exotic woods, stone, brass, ceramic, unusual other materials.

This has changed over time but I still think pre-Staunton sets are an excellent area to specialize in and the more unusual sets are still reasonable value for money when they do come up for sale.

towards sets that were make from one piece of material rather than assembled from sections.

I have a particular fondness pre-Staunton playing sets that have been turned and carved (rather than molded metal sets etc), that what this article will focus on.

When I started collecting there was not a significant price difference between a common Barleycorn set and a nice set.

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