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As soon as you're certain of your plans, talk to your kids about your decision to live apart.

Although there's no easy way to break the news, if possible have both parents there for this conversation.

It's important to try to leave feelings of anger, guilt, or blame out of it.

Practice how you're going to manage telling your kids so you don't become upset or angry during the talk.

The most important things that both parents can do to help kids through this difficult time are: Adults going through separation and divorce need support — from friends, professionals, clergy, and family.

But don't seek support from your kids, even if they seem to want you to.

Thousands of kids experience the stress of divorce each year.

How they react depends on their age, personality, and the circumstances of the separation and divorce process.

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“I also saw that my ex wasn't the only guy who would want to be with me.Every divorce will affect the kids involved — and many times the initial reaction is one of shock, sadness, frustration, anger, or worry.But kids also can come out of it better able to cope with stress, and many become more flexible, tolerant young adults. to your female friends for company and support, but stay clear of "male bashing." Keep the conversations positive. Trying one new thing per month will give you confidence in yourself and you never know who you might meet. It is a short-lived ego boost for the hunted, but ultimately not attractive (you're too easy to get). A hunter is someone that follows or pursues someone else. First, to practice dating, getting ready when it will really matters; second, get comfortable around romantic prospects again — it's like working out, you have to get back into "dating shape"; third, it builds your self-confidence, improving your appeal!

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