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If you don't think 12-step groups are for you, I hope you will read an article I wrote titled The confusing part is that there several different 12-step meetings for sex addiction. The reason for this is because each one started in a different part of the country and then grew.All of them are available in Atlanta: All of these groups provide support for people who want to control their sexual behavior better.Atlanta is, as of 2010, the nation's 4th largest black-majority city and has long been known as a "black mecca" for its role as a center of black wealth, political and social power, education, and culture including film and music.The city of Atlanta is seeing a large demographic increase in its white population, and at a pace that outstrips the rest of the nation. By 2010, Atlanta's white population had increased by 22,763 people.Others such as poor communication, loss of work and blended family issues may ultimately lead to disagreements and finally divorce for many couples in Atlanta.

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Some people find 12-step meetings to be very helpful, and I'm a big supporter of them, even if you only go one ot two times to check it out.

The numbers speak for themselves as roughly half of all marriages in America end in divorce.

Every 13 seconds another couple sites irreconcilable differences such as financial differences, infidelity or abuse and ends their not so happy marriage.

While no cities in the state of Michigan rank as “divorce capitals” in our country, smaller communities like those in Northern Michigan often face obstacles not felt in wealthier communities which can easily lead to divorce.

Monetary differences are one of the most common issues which lead to differences between spouses.

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