Dating strike a lights

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Strike A Light are working towards becoming a more accessible, particularly in the work we programme for our festivals.We are part of Battersea Arts Centre’s Collaborative Touring Network and have been working with Unlimited Impact to improve our accessibility for our audiences.

In Tibet and Mongolia they were instead carried in a leather pouch called a chuckmuck.In Japan, percussion firemaking was performed, using agate or quartz.It was also used as a ritual to bring good luck or ward off evil. High carbon steels (1060, W1, tool steels, etc.) generate sparks easily.We try to work with accessible venues so that everyone is able to access performances and events that we produce.To book a wheelchair user’s ticket for one of our events, or to talk to us about your access needs, please email [email protected] Due to limited capacity and fire regulations in some of our venues we have limited space for wheelchairs.

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